WhistlePig The Boss Hog : Fourth Edition "The Black Prince"

The controversial founder of WhistlePig, Raj Peter Bhakta, purchased one of the oldest farms in Vermont in 2006 to house WhistlePig Whiskey. His goal was to establish the nation’s first farm-to-bottle single-estate distillery. To achieve that goal, Bhakta enlisted Master Distiller Dave Pickerell in 2008, a 14 year veteran from Makers Mark. Pickerell, though, had his own goal in mind: to achieve world dominance in the category of rye whiskey over 6 years old. All of WhistlePig’s rye stock was originally sourced from Alberta Distillers in Calgary, Canada. Today, WhistlePig sources from Alberta Distillers and MGP Distillery; additionally, they now create their own rye stock from grain grown on WhistlePig Farm.

This bottle is part of the Boss Hog series and has been finished for an unspecified amount of time in used Armagnac barrels.

Distiller : MGP Distillery
Bottler : WhistlePig Farms
ABV : 119.2 (Barrel Proof)
Age : 14 Years


Dark fruit, herbal, oak, chocolate, black pepper.


Prunes, spice, cinnamon, molasses, herbal, oak.


Long, allspice, dark fruit, burnt sugar.