Jefferson's Presidential Rye Select 21 Years Old Batch 2

In 1997, Trey Zoeller and his father Chet founded the company McClain & Kyne after Trey’s past relatives. Soon after creating the company, McClain & Kyne started releasing Jefferson’s Bourbon Whiskey and Sam Houston Bourbon as a ‘non-distiller producer’. Originally, McClain & Kyne sourced barrels from Buffalo Trace for Jefferson’s, and Heaven Hill barrels additionally sourced by KBD, for Sam Houston. On October 12, 2006, Castle Brands acquired McClain & Kyne seeking to expand their portfolio with a premium bourbon line. After the acquisition, Jefferson’s expanded their offerings past Jefferson’s Reserve with Jefferson’s Presidential Select and Jefferson’s Small Batch. Followed by experimentation with hyper aging barrels on ships sailing for six months to produce Jefferson’s Ocean. In 2015, Castle Brands purchased 20% of the Copperhead Distillery Company who owns Kentucky Artisan Distillery, looking to expand the Jefferson’s brand with its own distillate.

This bottle is the fourth release in the JPS line. It’s a straight rye whiskey listed to be from Paramount Distillers in Canada, but suspected to be from Alberta Distillers.

Distiller : Paramount Distillers
Bottler : McClain & Kyne
ABV : 90.4
Age : 21 Years


Sweet, burnt caramel, herbal, oak, baking spices.


Rye spice, burnt caramel, herbal, older oak.


Short, vanilla, cocoa, oak.