Eagle Rare 101

Originally a Seagram’s brand created in 1975 at the Old Prentice Distillery in Lawrenceburg, KY, it was created to be a direct competitor to the infamous Wild Turkey 101. The brand was later acquired by Sazerac in 1989, which eventually used the bourbon made from the Buffalo Trace distillery that was also acquired in 1992. Eagle Rare 101 was eventually discontinued in 2005; in its place a single barrel offering of Eagle Rare 10 Year was debuted, although at a lower proof.

This bottle is from the Old Prentice Distillery, bottled in 1986.

Distiller : Unknown
Bottler : Old Prentice Distillery in New Orelans, LA
ABV : 101
Age : 10 Years


Floral vanilla, toffee, butterscotch, cherry, musty oak.


Herbal, vanilla, musty oak, honey, black tea, leather.


Long, vanilla, cognac, oak.